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Innovative Marketing Artistry provides USA-based, turn-key, integrated, website design services. Our experience shows us that clients achieve the best ROI when they combine traffic generation campaigns (e.g., SEOPPC, Social) with sales oriented website design. Sales oriented website design incorporates measurable calls to action so that visitors interact with your business. Prospective customers that read blogs, download information assets, register for newsletters and other actions are more likely to become paying customers. All of our websites are built using the Wordpress Content Management System (CMS). This open source CMS is seo-friendly and allows end users to easily update their website. 

Our Process:

Innovative Marketing Artistry uses a RAD (Rapid Application Development) methodology to get our client’s website to market quickly and cost effectively. As we move through the RAD methodology, IMA identifies custom requirements and the associated cost.

  • Initial Client Requirements - Innovative Marketing Artistry consults with our prospective client to determine your full needs and complete our website questionnaire. The questionnaire includes questions about basic business information and website objectives.
  • RAD Preview Website - The IMA Web Development team uses the questionnaire to creating a working preview of the website. Our experience is that clients are impressed with a working demo instead of written requirements.
  • Finalize Requirements with Client - Using the preview website, Innovative Marketing Artistry gathers final website requirements from our client. This includes final graphics and copy. IMA writers can also create website copy for an additional charge.
  • Final Website Build - The Innovative Marketing Artistry Website Development team reviews all of the final requirements and completes and develops the website.
  • Launch - IMA and the client conduct a user acceptance testing. The IMA Website Development team resolves all issues and then launches the website.


IMA Website Advantage:

There are many options when selecting a website designer. Choose Innovative Marketing Artistry because: 

  • Our RAD methodology keeps you in control throughout the process.
  • Video producers, graphic designers and copywriters are available and can electrify your website.
  • Integration with IMA reporting software provides seamless phone tracking, lead tracking and email marketing options.


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