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Dear Ms. Wright

"I must admit I was very reluctant to implement your mobile marketing strategy into my boutique. However after becoming familar with the software and sending out text offers to my current and new clients, I was able to see the potential it has to keep in touch with my clients advising them of discount offers, new fashion arrivals, and ultimately continuely giving them a reason to come shop my store at the click of a button. My first text promo sale was done on a Wednesday and I was impressed by the fact that clients actually arrived during morning hours and traffic continued throughout the day. We are glad to be doing business with your company."

Paula - Owner
Detroit, MI

Dear Ms. Wright

"Initially when you stopped in my store I recall telling my staffmember to say I wasn't available. Nevertheless, after hearing you speak about what you were there for and how you'd be able to help us build upon our online presence and grow our business I decided I wanted to hear more. To make a long story short I'm glad I ended up accepting an online marketing recommendation from you. I was very impressed by the fact that although your direct company services weren't a fit for our wedding, prom and formal wear boutique, you made other recommendations with your affiliate company that suited my company's needs and helped us grow and protect our online presence locally while increasing traffic to our store. Thanks for everything."

Donna - Owner
Oak Park, MI