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Why Innovative Marketing Artistry

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“To know why I do what I do; how Innovative marketing Artistry came to be and why I include support of my chosen charities in my business plan is to know my life,” says Ms. J. Tara Wright, owner and founder of Innovative Marketing Artistry, a company dedicated to the growth of small and medium-sized business through access to digital marketing in all media.


With more than fifteen years of experience in business management, entrepreneurial ventures and internet marketing, Ms. Wright has developed an instinct for identifying the inefficiencies and miscommunications that often impede business progress. She is able to assist business in redesigning themselves for a sleeker and strategically focused market approach.

Not only an entrepreneur, but a seasoned veteran in marketing of the telecommunication giant AT&T and the global direct marketer, Face Advertising (an affiliate of Energy Marketing Service,) J. Tara brings “big business know-how” to her current clients.

Always ready to give credit where credit is due, Ms. Wright acknowledges those who have made an impact on her life and business career. She was fortunate to work with well-known successful entrepreneur, Dan Felix, owner of Face Advertising whose influence helped her further develop her innate abilities and reach her full potential. With new success came new opportunities and the privilege of benefitting from a mentoring relationship with Elliot Tabron, former Dallas Cowboy and Wayne State University Hall of Fame inductee.

In recognition of her outstanding track record and several awards, including Outstanding Achievement and Leadership from Face Advertising, AT&T offered Ms. Wright a marketing consulting position. True to her high-standards, she quickly earned accolades as one of the top performing marketing consultants in her division, and recognition from AT&T Vice President.

While acting as owner and entrepreneur of Innovative Marketing Artistry, Ms. Wright actively pursues a Bachelor’s degree in business marketing / internet marketing.

Yet, her professional success and achievements are only part of the equation that makes Ms. J. Tara Wright who she is. Her triumphs have been hard won. Intelligent and articulate, even as a girl, her gifts did not spare her from some youthful bad decisions. She dropped out of high-school, fell in with wild company and embarked on a path that could have been disastrous had she not discovered the fortitude to admit her errors; reversed her course and begin the long climb to a successful life. Along the way, she found love, a wonderful marriage and motherhood.

“The driving force of my life is my miracle child, Grace,” she says, 

Following a complicated pregnancy and a six-week hospital stay, Grace was born prematurely at six months, delicate and medically challenged. Ms. Wright dedicated herself to willing her daughter to live. Through the expertise of Dr. Sophie Womack and others, Grace did survive and today she flourishes despite her difficult beginnings.

However, Ms. Wright’s marriage did not survive the strain, a misfortune she describes as “the loss of one of my driving core reasons, a seemingly great family foundation which changed my life for the better.”

“Moving forward as a single mother was another challenge to tackle and overcome,” says Ms. Wright. “Grace is my inspiration. I want to be like her, an inspiration for others, an example of how beautiful overcoming adversity can be.”

To honor her miracle-child and to share her success with those in need, Ms. J. Tara Wright is proud to be pursuing including donations to many non profit causes and networks as an integral part of her business. Children’s Miracle Network, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and the Epilepsy Foundation are just a few so dear to her and her daughter.

The Miracle Child

Little Miss. Grace

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