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Email & Direct Mail:

Email Marketing & Direct Mail targeted marketing is an efficient and cost effective way to reach new and existing customers. That's why IMA delivers targeted email & direct services to make sure your message reaches new and existing customers at home, in the office, or on the go. Email & Direct Mail Marketing Solutions can help your business grow.

Email database management helps businesses stay in touch with your customers. Nurture your leads. Innovative Marketing Artistry’s lead nurturing and marketing automation software makes it easy to drive leads through the sales funnel. Use our best-in-class, award-winning software to D-I-Y or let IMA manage your email campaigns for you.

Our Email & Direct Mail Media Service is Multi-Tiered:

  • Find targeted new customers. Direct mail & email campaign helps businesses target their direct audience.
  • Email Verification services that make sure you have updated and correct email addresses on your best customers so your message will reach their inbox.
  • Get professional results with our team of designers to make your business shine.
  • Discover more about growing your business with Email Marketing Solutions.

Database Management Options:

The entire process is tracked in our reporting tool and reports can be automatically sent to you.

  • We can provide templates, images, tools and even pre-written emails designed to nurture your prospects and customers. No HTML knowledge necessary.
  • With our simple list-management solution, you can auto-import email leads from our sales center or integrate with external sources.
  • Our value-added software consolidates analytics and reports on all your online marketing services for efficient monitoring and management.
  • Discover more about growing your business with Email & Direct Mail Marketing Solutions.

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