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Leveraging The Market Helping Small & Medium Sized Businesses Compete Effectively & Grow Their Business In The Digital & Internet Marketing Corporate World. Empowering Individuals To Increase Themselves In The Virtual Support Services Corporate World.
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Our Digital Internet Marketing Strategies:

Our Internet Marketi features help leverage the traditional and online market locally and beyond, empowering small and medium sized businesses with the proper tools they need to compete effectively and grow their business in the digital and internet marketing corporate world.

IMA Simple & Effective Online Marketing Solutions

  • Improve your website ranking with Search Engine Optimization and Local SEO Optimization
  • Boost traffic with short or long-term Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click programs on search engines and social media sites
  • Nurture leads and increase sales with email marketing and lead management software
  • Harness the power of word of mouth with customer reviews, refer-a-friend, reputation management and social media campaigns
  • Connect with your target audience through our award winning Email Marketing solutions. From campaign creative, targeted email marketing to email list rental, we work hard to increase your online lead generation and customer acquisition
  • Our Direct Mail marketing services help you bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing to connect with and target your best prospects. Our campaigns help you acquire new customers and generate revenue both locally and online.

Software Reporting

Software Reporting:

  • How is your online marketing performing? Chances are good that it isn't performing as well as you would like. You really need benchmarks and metrics to quantify its performance.

Search Engine


  • Improve your organic rankings on local or national search phrases. Our services provide the onsite updates and link building programs you need to achieve success.

Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click)


  • As a Google Adwords Certified Partner, IMA has built and managed hundreds of successful pay per click programs. Learn how our up-front strategy and ongoing management can get your pay per click campaign on track.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO & Maps:

  • Are you a local service or retail business? Your customers are using online local directories and mapping services to search for your category. Learn how we claim your local business listings on the major services and improve your visibility.

Direct Email Marketing

Email Marketing Options:

  • Use our email marketing software to nurture leads, encourage word of mouth referrals and keep in touch with your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media:

  • Modern businesses need a strong Social Media presence to support their sales and marketing efforts. Today, even customer support spills over into Social Media.

Targeted Email & Direct Mail Marketing

Targeted Email & Direct Mail Marketing:

  • Email Marketing & Direct Mail Marketing is an efficient and cost effective way to reach new and existing customers. That's why IMA delivers targeted email & direct services to make sure your message reaches new and existing customers at home, in the office, or on the go. Email & Direct Marketing Solutions can help your business grow.
  • Find targeted new customers. Direct mail & email campaign helps businesses target their direct audience.
  • Email Verification services that make sure you have updated and correct email addresses on your best customers so your message will reach their inbox. Get professional results with our team of designers to make your business shine.
  • Discover more about growing your business with Email & Direct Mail Marketing Solutions.